Ms. Shawna Simcic


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Shawna's post-collegiate career has been diverse and charged with a passion for business development, creativity and innovation. These pillars have helped pave the way for problem-solving successes and a pivot towards the emerging integrated home-technology market.

Shawna started her post-collegiate career in the banking industry excelling from an underwriting leader to head of East Coast Operations at a nationally acclaimed A-paper lender & REIT. 4 short years later, she lead her team to a 525% division growth, an audit results improvement by 18% and helped build a foundation of policies & procedures that shielded the company from crashing during the 2008 crisis. 

The decade that followed is where Shawna discovered a talent and passion for "The Hunt" from her time focused on commercial business development for both large companies as well as the boutique niche circuit. The latter is her preference due in large part to the optimism and grass-roots agility that comes with the territory.

During her professional career, she has leveraged her degree in economics, relationship-building skills and her passion for implementing solution-finding innovations to overcome inefficient hurdles and achieve experience-charged wins for her clientele.

A few highlights include:

• Achieving $1.5M annual OPEX savings for a single commercial client in 2016
• Brokering a 5 year arrangement to power Pittsburgh Steelers & Pittsburgh Penguins stadiums.
• Creating a national employee-engagement council focused on uplifting culture and inspiring curiosity among diverse sets of remote teams.

Shawna's career has occasionally pivoted towards entrepreneurship, consulting and writing. 

Proudly served as a member of the following projects & organizations:

Florida Business Professional Women

Green Building Alliance
Pittsburgh Technology Council
EPA's Cleantech Panel administered by Carnegie Mellon University.
Women’s Appalachia Chapter

City of Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan
Alpha Delta Upsilon 501c3,