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A CE industry leader who brings over 25 years of insight, expertise and versatility to every engagement, having created several award-winning dealer training and retention programs such as Advanced Control University (ACU), Control Bucks, Accommodation Programs, and Committed 2 Custom (C2C).

A knowledgeable, entrepreneurial executive with extensive global experience and a proven record of maximizing product sales and driving revenue growth.

A skilled communicator and presenter with advanced interpersonal abilities, and a positive, proactive leader who is adept at motivating and training winning teams.

Pete takes a strategic approach to penetrating new markets, building brand awareness, and expanding global footprints, which has allowed him to deliver impressive growth in every role throughout his professional career.

With a talent for thinking creatively, Pete has been instrumental in the development of numerous unique, award-winning programs and initiatives, including RTI's Advanced Control University (ACU), C2C (Committed to Custom), the Integration Zone Newsletter, and the popular Control Bucks, Elite Dealer and other accommodation programs.

Having delivered hundreds of presentations all over the globe, Pete has earned recognition as an engaging and sought-after public speaker.

Pete has traveled extensively, gaining a first-hand knowledge of the different global markets and creating a worldwide network of talented business associates, colleagues and friends.

Recognized by CEDIA as a Subject Matter Expert on control systems and user interfaces.

Specialties: International Sales ♦ Consumer Electronics ♦ Marketing ♦ Brand Development ♦ Domestic & Global Sales Strategy ♦ Dealer Acquisition-Retention ♦ Training & Education ♦ Leadership ♦ Public Speaking ♦ New Market Penetration

A.K.A./Common misspellings: Peter Baker, Peter J Baker, Pete J Baker