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    Hi everyone! I manage the marketing and communications for Indy Audio Labs, owner of the Acurus and Aragon brands. We design and manufacture high-performance electronics -- processors, amplifiers, etc.  I'm responsible for not only general company communications, ...

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    I have recently had that happen with WattBox units actually, not Panamax however, sorry... -- Andrew Vigil: CEDIA ESC, ESC-T, Control4 Licensed Connected Home Source, Baillio's, Builder's Source Customer Liaison, Designer, Programmer, Field ...

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    I don't usually have to unplug/replug to get communication again, but they are often a little flakey with their communication.   That paired with any other devices that you may be trying to use to control them (ie - Crestron, C4, Domotz) can add to some ...

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    Panamax IP issues

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    ok in a classic case "Its just you"   anyone else having Panamax blue bolt units like the 4315 Pro   fall off line via their IP card?   have to unplug cat cable and plug back in and it re appears.  .    can go to RS232 connection but of course you loose ...


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