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    SurgeX is all we use now. Most surge protection uses MOV's in some fashion and either absorb or shunt to ground the excess energy. Surge Elimination is better approach. Zero Surge owns the basic technology, SurgeX and Brickwall license it from Zero Surge ...

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    There is nothing wrong with having the ground rods equal distant apart - and it isn't unusual for military field setup.  They need to get good grounds yet keep the distance to a minimum.  That doesn't mean the voltages at each grounding point is the same ...

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    https://www.ametekesp.com/surgex/branch-circuit/branch-circuit-120-208v Will protect 4 breaker circuits from lightning. Add more per breaker circuits as needed.  ------------------------------ Jonathon Hagan System Designer J&K Security Solutions ...

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    Hey there Sam, This is a perfect use-case for the content presented in the "Design Thinking Workshop" taught by Rich Green and Peter Aylett at CEDIA last week.  The best "cool technology" for this job might not be traditional AV.  The client & architect ...

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