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    Hi All! I know I'm a little late to the discussion but would like to chime in. We have been using OneVision for almost 2 years now. I have nothing but great things to say about them and what they've done for our service team. I know there is always hesitance ...

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    Hi Heather, We've done several using Karafun on an iPad Airplaying to an AppleTV.  You can then use an HDMI audio extractor to take analog audio from the Apple TV into a separate mixer (combined with 3-4 high quality wireless mics).  On several jobs, ...

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    The traditional way is to have DVD's or video CD's you purchase and play them on a Karaoke player like Pioneer.  Some simple players have a Mic input built in. A more flexible version of this would be for the player to go into a small mixer like Shure ...

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    Hi Heather! I sold a customer a Bose Pro F1 System (Built In Mixer) and connected an iPad via Bluetooth and they used You Tube Karaoke videos-there are hundreds. They loved it! If you have an Apple TV you could mirror the iPad to it to put on the TV's ...

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