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    Steve Rissi replied to this string, but I don't see it posted here for some reason. It was thoughtful, in depth, and worth sharing, especially since he is the Director of Technical Training for CEDIA. First, he addressed the adversarial tone found ...

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    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to reach out and invite you to the debut of ATEN's brand new state-of-the-art demo room in Irvine, CA on October 17th. We will be showcasing our solutions for data centers, digital signage, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Come ...

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    I haven't taken the time to comment on many threads lately, but I appreciate the thoughtful comments on here... I agree with points from both sides, but I really appreciate your comments, Joe.  I thought that was well stated and ...ahem... thoughtful! ...

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    I don't go to CEDIA nor send my techs without getting the education pass.  It's 75% of why we go. Most of the glasses are great and even if only one valuable nugget is discovered per class the education pass has always been a great value. After you ...

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