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A 11 year veteran of the home electronics business, Jack has built his business on honesty and integrity. While managing hundreds of home electronics projects for some of the finest builders in the region, Jack has learned the importance of clear concise communication to bring a project to successful completion. Detailed contracts, a clearly defined paper flow and a flexible design system allow a true partnership between Chesapeake Systems Service and the client.
Chesapeake Systems Service stresses the simple user interface as the overwhelming priority in developing any package for installation. “I have seen far too many systems over the years that go unused due to the complexity of the interface”, says Rainey. Pre-developing and pre-testing a system for major installs is one of the important concepts that Chesapeake Systems Service believes in. “Our clients deserve a system that puts them in control of their home, comfortably and reliably, not a system that might work one day and not the next”, adds Rainey.
Representing many of the finest brands of installed home electronics, Jack has been factory trained by many of these brands. Stressing value over “name” Chesapeake has selected these brands carefully for ease of interaction, warrantee support and aesthetic consideration. Jack understands that even on medium sized projects that there are multiple stakeholders to satisfy. Architects, builders, interior designers, and multiple family members all have a voice to be heard and more importantly interpreted for the final design.

Specialties: Connected Home Systems