Larry Allhands


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CEO and President of FIRE-FX, LLC, a professional grade high-performance media system and security appliance developer. Our award-winning media platform consistently delivered superior performance at a reasonable price point. FIREFX has now combined industry experience, proven software, military grade hardware components and years of military experience to create a unified threat matrix platform for home and business automation networks. A veteran technologist with vision and drive. Experience working in small business tech company start-ups, government organizations, and large corporations.

An active Chief Warrant Officer in theSignal Corps, Texas Army National Guard. Excellent team building and leadership skills.

1. Attack the status-quo and challenge people's paradigms.
2. Small teams of committed workers engaged in a worthy cause will always out perform massive teams of "experts" engaged in projects they do not buy in to.
3. You can't manage your way out of a bad team, so take care to build the right team the first time!
4. Confidence comes from success, but knowledge comes from failure.
5. The difference between managers & leaders is sometimes subtle but when the going gets tough, it's easy to tell the difference.
6. If you are confident of an idea, move off dead center and get on with it! Plan carefully but get going.
7. the act of planning provides the necessary framework to accomplish the objective in the face of challenges that were not originally considered.
8. We do not think in words and phrases. We think only in pictures and images. Words are the raw materials of thought.
9. Knowledge is gained by studying, wisdom is gained by observing.