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    Hi Bruno, I couldn't agree more with your assessment.  CEDIA members integrate and install technology, provide holistic solutions and bottom line, service customers.  When I had my installation business, I was my customer's technical liaison.  ...

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    Hi Jenny, Thank you for the updates provided. Is the overhaul done for just North America or also done worldwide? I have kept my entries away from 2017 EMEA as I did not see any significant updates / overhaul information provided to me after starting ...

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    Hey  Kurt,  Thank you for your message.  I agree with you, men DO care about AV and Home Automation, but more than everything, they want peace of mind with their woman. Remind what I said: Perception is a huge factor here... It is going to be challenging ...

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    Hey Bruno, Well written and I know what you are trying to say but you make it sound like the men of Europe have all been neutered. Men have no problem allowing women to take full control over that which they really don't care much about. That usually ...

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