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    Energy Monitoring

    Posted in: CEDIA Community

    Hi all, Just out of curiosity, how many of you are still offering energy monitoring as a product/service? If you are, do your clients find long term value in it or is it just up front value?  This was a big deal about a decade back (started with The ...

  • Posted in: CEDIA Community

    We use Quickbooks and D-Tools and it works fairly well, we use QB to manage inventory so therefore our purchase orders generated from QB. When we win a job we push the job from D-Tools to QB which brings over all the product, labor and parts into a QB ...

  • Posted in: CEDIA Community

    Congrats Joel ....   i have known Joel since before the beginning ... back when TVs were well ....  TV sets  :)  ....   i think i still have my Philips Direct Tube Set color analyzer around somewhere!    All his ( and that other guy he used to work with ...

  • Posted in: CEDIA Community

    Joel, Your efforts through the years have helped our entire industry produce higher quality end result for the clients who choose to do business with specialists. During the first wave of ISF, my employer at the time sent out one of the other managers ...

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