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    Houzz, Angie's List, Home Advisor, and all the other SEO/SEM marketers are all pretty much the same. They really have no understanding of our industry. We really do need something that is more B2B with Builders, Architects, and the like, but these outfits ...

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    Here's a blog which I posted independently last year, and I thought too good not to share with the CEDIA Community. Most of it is still current, but of course there will be a lot to add with the coming of HDMI 2.1. Feel free to comment or even ask questions ...

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    One of the security nets in HDCP 2.2 is the 20ms Locality Check, intended to disqualify WAN applications. But HDMI over IP solutions that produce inherent latency often far exceeding 20ms (some are 600ms or more), how do they still work with HDCP 2.2? ...

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    So our experience with Houzz hasn't been too bad. Full disclosure: we have never paid them for advertising (nor have we received any pro bono advertising as far as we know), and the following points are just my experiences, which may be atypical. Regarding ...

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