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    Hi Everyone, There's some pretty good advice going on here about HDMI and 4K supported by wall plate terminations.  Here's another to consider - Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI Keystone connectors.  A Celerity fiber cable is run directionally between source ...

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    I was going to suggest, don't run HDMI, run conduit. Carlon orange is very common in the jobs we do now. That way you do not have to worry about a damaged cable during construction and you can run just about anything that may be required now and in the ...

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    Our business consists of 90%+ new construction. We have learned over the years to never install an HDMI in the wall unless there is a tube that the wire is ran in.  You have to be able to replace this cable.  Like you said, the customer wants their 4k, ...

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    Hi Brian, Direct connection with a single continuous cable is always best. In the lab I've seen HDMI connectors contribute as much as 10dB of signal loss (6-7dB per end is quite normal). Given a wall plate means 2 connectors (one for each interfacing ...

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