ESPA Still Going Strong

By Jeff Gardner posted 11-13-2017 15:34

​As we near the end of the year, I am happy to say ESPA continues to grow and bring qualified entry-level technicians into the workforce. Exams are up about 40% from 2016, and several new schools are preparing to offer the certification within their electronics and/or IT programs. A couple of new partners are building completely new courses focused on electronic systems integration. When this happens they usually use a combination of ESPA basics and CEDIA books, as well as additional content related to commercial systems.
The most effective way to bring a new school on board through direct engagement by you.....the integrator!  If you know of a career center or tech school in your area that might be a good fit to train people that can be hired and put on the job without a long learning curve, contact me directly and let's work together to make it happen!
In the meantime, check out the great feature in the new CEDIA Communicates magazine. Shown in the picture is the first EST adult education class offered at Central Nine Career Center in Greenwood, IN.  Instructors Mike Paprocki and Jeff Mullikan prepared the students for ESPA certification in a night school setting.

This program is now available to be offered anywhere and in many cases grant funding can cover the expense.
For more info, just drop me an email;