Selecting a TV

By Daniel Bates posted 01-09-2018 23:18

Hi all!

I don’t usually spec TVs as we won’t make great margin on them and they change quickly. (And most of the time we are install projectors)

I have a project with a media room and our client is asking for recommendations for TV’s. I tire to take the approach of educating my clients on a purchase but in this case, I feel as though I have had my head in the sand in regard to TV’s. Does anyone have words of wisdom or good resources for staying up to date on TV’s? 




03-14-2018 10:09

It depends on the install. If control is an issue, (And that changes daily) then try and educate yourself and Sony is great with codes.

But if picture quality is important, LG OLEDs are the only option, OR Sony OLEDs at higher price points.

Making actual  margin? Pffft.

heck, recently a client supplied a Samsung to replace a Samsung they insisted on using (to save $$!) and the new Samsung (the "Frame"...horrific picture) learned the catv box codes automatically. So much for the URC remote sale!

At the end of that stage of  job the only thing WE sold was the HDMI cable!

(Later they complained about the horrific picture the Frame had, and we insisted on an OLED. They wanted FLUSH, but 55", not the 65", so we flushed the 55" to the glass.....a pretty neat trick.)

01-13-2018 07:04

Make what little you can margin wise, but I would rather have a say in which model is selected in regards to integration. If left up to the consumer they may pick a series or brand that doesn't control well with your control system, and if things don't work right you'll get blamed more for that than anything else. Making everything work together seamlessly is what they are relying on your expertise for, and if you can setup and calibrate the picture properly most consumers won't be able to tell the difference in picture quality.

Sony has been my favorite on the control side, then Samsung, LG still has some work to do.

01-10-2018 13:20

My Take on TV's, and take it with a grain of salt. 

LG currently leads the way, but they can make installs a pain with there crazy removable bases and LG only mounting solutions. 

Samsung is a close second, there Q series are nice with a picture that is close, there Q9's have the best form factor out at the moment but you pay 
for it.

Sony comes in 3rd, nothing wrong with them there just not quite on par with the other 2, they do have a very nice OLED now but the form factor is a bit of a joke if you intend to wall mount.