By Daniel Bates posted 07-14-2017 02:09

Hi All,

I have a client with a front gate that no longer works he would like us to repair or replace. I have not done anything with gates before. If we where to replace it do you have any recommendations on manufacturer's? Is there and thing cool you have done with a gate or words of wisdom? Just looking to get my feet wet. 




08-29-2017 07:26

Maybe too late to be of much assistance, but I've done some light gate work over the years.  Had very good luck with US Automatic.  Very easy to understand, and frankly isn't much more complicated than hanging a TV on an articulating mount.  The harder part is designing & implementing the entry/exit sensors.  Sometimes terrain can be challenging.  Power is much easier on remote gates with the rise of solar powered solutions.  Especially with US Automatic's setup- their unit is 100% 12v battery powered, with a charger hooked up to AC that can easily be swapped for a solar charging setup.  I would suspect a lot of gate opener manufacturers have gone to this model.  Good luck!

08-08-2017 07:32

I recently had a similar situation where they knew the communication wire wasn't working.  I bid the job to replace the line over 1600' from house to gate.  As I started the work I found that the landscapers had hit the conduit and did a poor job repairing the break.  I had already purchased the Conduit, Wire and Junction Boxes, which I then had to return.  So my suggestion would be to maybe dig around areas that might be prone to breaks in the communication line.  -Mike